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about us

0pen.co.uk / .search-portal.co.uk, was designed to give UK internet users a guide to the most popular UK shopping and services on the internet today.
About Us

We at 0pen.co.uk / search-portal.co.uk, do not believe there would have been any need in building the 0pen.co.uk / search-portal.co.uk web site if it did not offer unique value for the visitor.

The purpose of the 0pen search portal is to provide family safe content that is 100% relevant to the visitor.

Our Aims

That visitors from our target audience - those searching for UK shopping and services, will visit the site.
That the benefit to our visitors will be that we have, through research and careful design, provided a meaningful solution to their search.
That we have through a combination of careful research, quality site design, thorough vetting for relevance and safety and by continually updating content, made 0pen.co.uk / Search-Portal.co.uk better ( being more relevant, useful and offering more choices ) than other web sites returned by visitors searches.

We deliver quality content for visitors who want access to the most popular UK shopping and services from one site.


Please take proper precautions when shopping on the internet.

Make sure your first check that the store provides you with correct contact details such as a telephone number and a address. It is also important that you print your order and references at all times.

0pen.co.uk / Search-Portal.co.uk shall not be held liable for misprints or errors which occur from type setting the information or the misrepresentation resulting thereof. It is your responsibility to verify all information gained from using this portal. We make no warranty or assume any liability for the use of this system or for the accuracy of any of the directory listings on this site.


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